An Agricultural

Growth Stimulant.

An Agricultural Growth Stimulant.

CannaBloom is a cost-effective agriculture stimulant that provides dramatic crop yield increases.

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About CannaBloom

What is CannaBloom?

What is


CannaBloom is a technology proven to increase yields by 20+ percent in all major crops. 10 years of nano-molecular biosciences research to arrive at a break through of a better way to grow.

The Primary Problem

We need a 70% Yield Improvement by 2025.

We Need a 70%

Yield Improvement

By 2025.

Global food production needs 70%+ increase by 2050 as population and demand increase. 77% of future growth is required from increase yields.

The Primary Problem

Key Challenges.

Key Challenges.

Limited Usage Farm Land

Land is an essential natural resource, with human demand increasing, this has become a more and more limited asset.

Increasing Climate Volatility

World Bank projects climate instability to dramatically impact food production and yields globally by 2050.

Increasing Soil Degradation

Chemical heavy processes and deforestation led to degradation of global agricultural lands, resulting $400B per year loss in soil and nutrients.(1)

Decreasing Fertilized Efficiency

Chemical heavy processes and deforestation led to
degradation of global agricultural lands, resulting $400B per year loss in soil and nutrients.(2)

1. United Nations Environmental Program and International Soil Reference Center.
2. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
The Solution

The CannaBloom Solution.

CannaBloom works by activating the plant's “anti-stress defence mechanisms” at the cellular level, without the actual stress factor. This increases growth hormones, increases plant efficiency of use of water and nutrients, and increases resistance to stresses.

Germination Stage

Root Boost

Vegetative Stage

Plant Boost

Reproductive Stage

Yield Boost

The CannaBloom difference

The CannaBloom

The CannaBloom Benefits.

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Increased Yield Efficiency

Across all major crops, tested across over 200 global field trials.*

100% Organic

CannaBloom uses zero chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and inputs.

Withstanding Climate Volatility

Increased resistance to diseases and stressed climate conditions.*

*Preliminary testing results as provided by Agroresults Inc.
Beatties Distillery Case Study

Beatties Distillery Case Study.

Beatties Distillery

Case Study.

Preliminary CannaBloom testing validated that achievement of a targeted minimum yield improvement of 20%.

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CannaBloom is a cost-effective agriculture stimulant that gets mixed with water at the point of application. Easy to mix, easy to apply.

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